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原文:Write for others but mostly for yourself — Jack Vanlightly (

The thing that surprised me after a while of doing technical writing was that writing wasn’t just about me explaining something to an audience, it was a tool to give rigor to my thinking. I cared about my reputation and about my potential readers and so embarking on writing a blog post about a technical subject ended up involving a huge amount of work. I knew that if I wasn’t careful or was indeed careless about what I wrote I’d not only be wasting people’s time but I could be publicly ridiculed on the internet. So I only wrote about things that I had a fundamental understanding of or set about getting that deep understanding that I lacked first.


The great thing about writing is that it uncovers all these areas that you thought you understood but don’t. This is especially true when you know that competent and knowledgeable people are going to read it. You start explaining something in detail, about how it works, what the trade-offs are, the alternatives and so on and very soon your internal BS detector is going off. It’s yelling “How do you know that!?” and “What evidence do you have for this statement!?”. You realize that your knowledge is based on shaky foundations and your words are worthless. So you set out to learn the missing pieces, search for the insights and fundamental truths so that you can explain all this stuff with authenticity.

写作的伟大之处在于它揭示了所有这些你认为你理解但实际上不理解的领域。当您知道有能力且知识渊博的人会阅读它时尤其如此。你开始详细解释一些事情,关于它是如何工作的、权衡是什么、替代方案等等,很快你的内部 BS 探测器就会启动。它大喊“你怎么知道!?”以及“你有什么证据支持这个说法!?”。你意识到你的知识基础不牢,你的言语毫无价值。所以你开始学习缺失的部分,寻找见解和基本真理,这样你就可以真实地解释所有这些东西。

After a while of writing my blog I realized that it had taught me how to think. It taught me how to discover insights that few others had seen. It brought me to the next level I needed. Then further down the road because I wrote quality posts I slowly got visibility within my niche area of tech and that translated into more work opportunities.